Through IT consultancy we offer specialized information support to companies. IT consultancy contributes significantly to achieving competitive advantage by identifying the most appropriate IT infrastructure exploitation solutions and capitalizing on new technologies. We offer our customers access to both open-source and licensed solutions, depending on the requests received, the allocated budget and the degree to which the solution meets the needs of the client.

Our consultants are up to date with the latest IT technologies and solutions that can optimize your costs, improve efficiency and performance. Optimizing IT issues will help reduce overall costs while increasing efficiency. By choosing our IT consulting service, you will be assured of access to the latest and most advanced hardware and software solutions reported to your budget.

IT consultancy is indicated whenever the information requested is the basis of high-level decisions that will have a significant impact on the company’s budget and / or activity. Aspects such as expanding or optimizing the existing IT system, investing in hardware / software equipment, deploying existing IT processes, and ways to streamline IT consumption are just some of the phenomena that require IT consultancy.

IT consulting involves:

  • Guidelines for building a presentation website, an online store, or a software package used by organizations to manage daily business activities (ERP, CRM, etc.);
  • Development of online marketing strategies (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Avoiding security issues at the websites, applications and computer equipment;
  • Information support for establishing an optimal budget for building a business or presence online;
  • Achieving the architectural design of the information system in accordance with the real needs of the user;
  • Best choice for hardware / software purchases;
  • Information on measures to prevent data loss.

IT consultancy starts with a review by a consultant to gather the information needed to identify the client’s real need. These will be obtained from discussions between the consultant and the client and will be needed to recommend the latter to the solution that suits his or her needs. After this stage, the consultant will identify the current technologies and solutions to the reported need that it will include in a report together with the analysis, recommendations and implementation modalities.

Alpha Com International acts as an independent entity with the ability to objectively assess the IT situation of each company and so, based on our IT consultancy analysis, we can recommend optimal solutions so that the IT infrastructure works in full accordance with your company’s strategies and goals. Regardless of the number of employees in your company, the business needs are broadly the same, the magnitude differs.

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